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    I am looking forward to hear from you when did you start working with Litecoin?

    I would call Litecoin the “little brother” of bitcoin. Very little.

    It recently hit 700$ but fell around 10% since.

    It is still very profitable.

    Litecoin seems a nice cryptocurrency for beginners and I would like to ask you how did you start working with Litecoin and would you recommend mining it to others ?

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    The only alt coins that I have ever used is ethereum. I use bitcoins and ethereum. I have never used litecoins. I heard about litecoin at the time when I also heard of ethereum. That was back in 2015. The ethereum price was $8 and LTC was $2. I didn’t trust these alt coins back then. However, when bitcoins went beyond my reach I began taking interest in alt coins.

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    Litecoin is not only about profit, it’s also a mean of payment, a currency, faster than BTC.

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      Treathyl Fox

      Have you ever exchanged Litecoins and if so, what cryptocurrency did you trade them for?

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      I’ve traded LTC a few times, last time I sold all I had, I can’t really recall what I traded it for, I think it was for LOOM.

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      Treathyl Fox

      I am currently exchanging Zcash for Litecoins. Do you think that’s a good pairing??

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    Treathyl Fox

    I just started working with Litecoin a few days ago. I finally tried one of those Moon faucets. I am happy so far with my experience although at the present time it is just an experiment in learning.

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