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    ca guars

    Aside from its other features already stated above, the concern for privacy is essentially anchored on the principle of having transactions that are anonymous and less the obligations to deal especially with third party components. Monero is founded on a system of cryptography that is embedded with many distracters in its platform thus making it virtually impossible for anyone to know the ownership of the transactions.

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    Monero has more privacy compared to a coin like Bitcoin, where the users still enjoy some degree of anonymity, but the Bitcoin network still allows transactions to be traced back to the accounts from which they originated. Also users on the Bitcoin Network can see other’s total Bitcoins holdings available in their accounts. Monero uses stealth addresses for privacy, and these addresses are encrypted which prevents any transactions being traced back to its account of origin.

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    Monero does have some world class research going on- this goes into ensuring that all privacy angles are discoverd and dealt with. The Monero Research Lab is a team of voluntary researchers, scientists,and academics as well.

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    Jetselle Santos

    Not at all like numerous cryptographic forms of money that are subsidiaries of Bitcoin, Monero depends on the CryptoNote convention and has noteworthy algorithmic contrasts identifying with Blockchain confusion. By giving an abnormal state of security, Monero is fungible, implying that each unit of the cash can be substituted by another unit. These units are unclear from each other. This makes Monero unique in relation to open record digital currencies like Bitcoin, where addresses beforehand connected with undesired movement can be boycotted and denied by system individuals.

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