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    Some think Monero(XMR) can hit $1000 in the future- but the question is Monero(XMR) viable as a long-term digital currency option, and one that can survive the test of time and offer large gains in the long run. They say that this coin could become one of the best digital currency investments in the future. Monero has some traits of money- this is a big deal when it comes to the value of a coin, because anyone can use Monero(XMR) without the fear of the token being blacklisted by trading plaforms.

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    Monero is going to update their system on October 18, and they will be making a network update, which brings some changes. One of the new changes to the network will be to increase the minimum ring size of 11- ring size means the total signers to a ring signature. For a ring size of 11 there will be 11 cryptographic signatures in a group, but only one is correct- so this will add more security.

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