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    Can anyone suggest me in which miner shall I invest. Which is the best coin to mine and with which miner?

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    It depends on which miner you’re going for you can either choose GPU mining or ASIC mining. ASIC mining is more profitable nowadays. You can opt for S9 miners as they are good compared to the rest ASIC miners.

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    You should start with eth mining as you will be able to mine ethereum, which are now on trends. It is supposed to be a profitable deal. If you wish to start mining for a profit then you should try mining on large scale. Mining with one machine won’t yield much profit. You can choose to mine with Nvidia P102 or Radeon R9 295×2 graphic cards.

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    If you want to mine for a profit you should try the new launch promax7 which seems to mine different coins together in one machine. It is a good deal for the people who want to mine for profit. I can share the link with you, so that you can get the details of the products. This link was shared by one of my friend to me when I had asked him to suggest a miner for my use. I am gathering more details on it, if anyone has any details please do share with me.

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    Yes, even I had come across these promax7 products as they are giving higher hash rate. They don’t have ready stock available, if you are interested you will have to place an order from the promax site and the shipment of the same will be done. Promax 7.2 is the best till date since it gives 3710 mh/s.

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    The latest talk in the market is this promax 7 and its product, the latest innovation in technology which is going to raise the market standards. I have placed an order for promax 7.1 directly from their site by paying through coin payment option.

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    There are many GPU and ASIC based miners available. It depends on what coin you want to mine as the miners are limited to certain coin mining. If your confused on what coin to mine than i will suggest you to go for ethereum mining or you can choose up promax 7 miners as they are able to mine various coins.

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    The total decision of choosing a miner depends on you, you can either choose up ASIC or GPU.
    Incase if your choosing ASIC miner than i will suggest you to go for A3 or S9 miners. If you want to choose gpu then you must go for promax 7.2 or promax 7.1 as they are top rated products for the time.

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    If your looking for gpu miner than i will suggest you to choose promax 7.2 or promax 7.1 as they are able to mine multiple coins.

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    I would have suggested you to choose up promax 7.1 as its costing is also not high but now its out of stock. you will have to wait for the next batch.

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    As a miner i would like to suggest you to start mining with promax 7.2 miner as it generates 3710 Mh/s and it works on all algorithms making it able to miner multiple coins.

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    I think Bitcoin mining is competitive, so it’s not ideal for the average person to mine, and one reason are China’s cheap utility rates so they kind of dominate the market. If you want bitcoins, you are probably better of buying bitcoins or traveling the globe to find cheaper energy to take advantage of when mining bitcoin.

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    I believe investment in Bitcoin is a good thing, especially at this stage but investment in Bitcoin alone is not a good case. We got to learn to put our eggs in multiple baskets.

    I like investment in ICOs like Inlock ICO, it is rocking. The token sale is yet to begin but the whole concept, system and team, it just means business. They are going to epic for lenders, borrowers and pretty much everyone, so these are the kind of investment you got to make!

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    Jetselle Santos

    The best crypto currency investment strategy is one that you comprehend and that you will really stick to. Exchanging or speculations can tend to trigger passionate reactions, and enthusiastic exchanging will lose you cash each time as you withdraw from the technique.

    Go get some broad books on stock or cash venture techniques. Give careful consideration to what they say in regards to hazard administration and speculation estimate , since these are frequently more essential than simply picking the best thing. Invest more energy in making sense of a decent technique for when to offer than you do making sense of when to purchase.

    Digital money markets act like different markets aside from that they are considerably quicker. What may take weeks or months to happen in the stock exchange happens in days some of the time in the coins advertise, and the exchanging stages frequently can’t keep up and include more hazard.

    Or then again, in the event that you would prefer not to experience all that, regularly the best technique in a buyer advertise is dollar cost averaging on buys and long haul holding.

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    I agree, it is necessary to go into investments only when you are confident in your skills, knowledges and that this will bring you profit but not losses

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    First of all, it depends of your skill. Bitcoin mining is pretty competitive. And it’s not so easy and not cheap either. Maybe it’s better to start with some lesser Coin system (just to get some experience). If you have money, start to put your eggs in multiple baskets. I mean, you should try to invest in ICOs or trading. My first steps were taken here Mintos P2P . It’s always better to have different “baskets” just in case.

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