Depositing Bitcoin into an Online Casino – Miami Club

Depositing Bitcoin into an Online Casino – Miami Club

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We’ve got our wallet all setup and we’ve got some funds. Now, let’s do something with them! We’ll be using Miami Club Casino as an example but you’re free to use any site of your choosing as this guide will cover most Bitcoin capable online casinos. Just be aware that with Bitcoin you need to be extra cautious with your funds as there are no reversing transactions, nor any authority to appeal to if you lose your funds. Always use Casino’s that are trusted. Checkout Bitcoin Slots Online and you can always be sure that the casino that you’re signing up for is 100% trusted to send your funds to!


Once you open the site you’ll be greeted with a choice to download the casino software or play now, in this example we will be using the play now feature but downloading the software is a great way to get quickly into games if you find yourself frequenting a site. Either one you select, you’ll be brought to a login screen.


Select ‘Create an Account’ and you’ll be given the option to play for free or play for real. In this guide we will be showing you how to play for real, but I suggest you play for free (if a site offers it) whenever trying a new site to get a good feel for it. Once you’ve signed up for your account with valid personal details you will be taken to the casino’s main screen. From their select ‘Cashier’ and it will bring you to the Miami Club Casino deposit area.


Select Bitcoin and enter your deposit amount.


Select continue. Now, choose your welcome deposit bonus and select “Process my Deposit”, once done you will be presented with a screen like this.

Note: You are under no obligation to send any Bitcoin to this address once processed. Also, do not send Bitcoin to the address listed above, unless you want us to use it! 😉

This is simply a public address that will be associated with your Miami Club Casino account. Once we transfer funds from our wallet, and the transaction is verified (usually 15-30 mins), they will show up in our Miami Club Casino account. You can use any wallet to transfer funds to the public address assigned to your account, but in this example we will be using the Coinbase wallet we set up in the previous article to send the funds.


Once the Bitcoin has been sent you will be able to track the coin through the Bitcoin network and into Miami Club’s Cashier through the Coinbase wallet. Shortly after, you will receive a confirmation email from Miami Club Casino letting you know that your funds have been deposited by Bitcoin and you’re ready to play! In general, this whole process will take about fifteen minutes but allow up to an hour before you start getting worried. Also, Miami Club’s support is top notch so if you find yourself in a bind, and aren’t sure what to do, go ahead and contact Miami Club’s Support and they’ll get you up and running in no time!

And, of course, Miami Club isn’t the only Casino out there, check out the casinos on our site that accept Bitcoin and choose the one that suits you best!

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