1. Donna Reilly

    Wow, great article, I have been looking at ways to spend my bitcoin, mine I seem to use on the Steemit platform for upvotes etc. But now i can also use it to shop online, thanks :). Great information, I never actually knew that about WordPress. I am always building websites, how great to find that out! :). Thanks.

    • Vinaya

      I don’t know about these websites that help in shopping with bitcoins. However, I have used purse.io to buy products with bitcoins. When you join purse, you can buy Amazon products with bitcoins. The only drawback of purse is you can shop only on Amazon. Buy using purse, someone will buy you Amazon products for you and you will send bitcoins to that buyer.

      • Martins

        If purse.io would try to expand its reach to other online shopping platforms for people to buy with their bitcoin and other cryptocurrency, I believe that it would serve both parties well. There must be a good reason why they are limiting buying online only on Amazon but I seriously hope they would adjust this sooner than later.

        • Vinaya

          We don’t know whether purse will extend its service to other online stores. As for now, purse is focused on buying on Amazon with bitcoins. The best thing about this service is if you are buying, you can set your own price in bitcoins. For buyers, they can accumulate bitcoins without any hassles. This is in the benefit of buyer and seller.

          • Martins

            That looks great with the way purse set up its transaction in dealing on Amazon. I haven’t used purse before to purchase anything on Amazon yet but I’m definitely going to be considering giving it a trail once I have something worth buying on Amazon that would require shipping to my destination here in Nigeria.

    • Denis

      It is awesome that you have a bitcoin.
      I call those ”sweet” troubles.
      Did you made a decision yet ? How long are you mining bitcoin ?
      It seems very advanced that more and more places accept it as a form of pay.

      • Martins

        @Denis Bitcoin is a sweet investment indeed because it’s far more valuable than what ordinary currency would offer anyone. The benefits of bitcoin are endless when compared to fiat currency. One is its stability in the market unlike what we see with currency depreciation.

  2. Denis

    Hmm, I find this interesting.

    I am not gonna lie, I gamble here and there, not gonna lie.

    I find it very interesting that there are casinos who would accept bitcoin as payment/deposit.

    I will definitely have to check them out.

    • Martins

      We are all gamblers one way or another in this life. It’s not necessarily going to be when one uses money before such person would be regarded as a gambler.

      But it’s important to know how to be wise when it comes to gambling and I seriously wouldn’t recommend using bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency to gamble because it’s far more valuable to be wasted while gambling. It’s better to use just fiat currency to gamble.

  3. jaymish

    I would not advise that you spend your bitcoin online at the moment. We are missing the point, the value of bitcoin is going to be massive, simply because there is not an unlimited number of bitcoins in the market. Bitcoin is not like money that is printed by central banks when needed. The inventor already has a set figure to be released.Imagine when all bitcoins have been distributed how much the value of one will be?

    • Denis

      Are you sure in what are you saying ?
      You think the bitcoin is going up ? I can not agree.
      Bitcoin will go down, in my opinion.
      More and more people are trying to mine it so I do not see how the prices will spike once the supply gets higher.
      Also, number of bitcoins are limited and the bitcoins mined are not even 10% of it, I believe, someone correct me if I am wrong.

      • Martins

        It’s true that people are mining bitcoin on daily basis but the question is how many are successful in mining up a substantial amount of bitcoin? It’s quite low and I do believe that bitcoin would still soar up higher more than what it presents today.

        If I have more cash I would still likely invest more in bitcoin because looking at chatters on what’s going on, the investment is definitely going to favor me.

        • Denis

          Well, mining it is hard, I am sure.
          I would not be surprised if it is like you said.
          Much clever choice would be to buy bitcoins and sell them for higher price, hoping to make a profit on difference.
          It is a risky job, but what is not when it comes down to a market like that ?

          • Martins

            If you have the necessary requirements that can allow you to mine, I don’t see any reason why you should because it’s just a profit investment waiting for people to take advantage of it.

            The reason why some people are yet to involve in direct buying and selling of bitcoin and other cryptocurrency is because of the risk that comes with such investment and also for the fact that most countries don’t accept the coin for transaction purposes.

    • Vinaya

      If you have the power to hold your bitcoins, you might benefit from your bitcoins when the value increases. However, not everyone has this power. Holding your bitcoins means a long term investment. Since bitcoins touched $20,000 in December 2017, a lot of people believe that bitcoins price will eventually increase. However, the truth of Bitcoins is the value is not stable.

      • Denis

        You are right that bitcoins value is not stable.
        But, most of the stocks are like that.
        Pretty much the same.
        Bitcoin should get more expensive as it is limited in mining, the only problem, in my opinion, would be legal issues of using it.
        That may cause a lot of fluctuations in bitcoins price.

        • Vinaya

          In my home country, there is no official statement regarding bitcoin from the government or central bank. Therefore, we assume that trading, even holding, bitcoins is illegal. There are some people dealing with bitcoins locally, however, there is limitation in buying and selling bitcoins. I have been using bitcoins since 2015. It was $400 back then, how it is $9000.

    • Martins

      I call bitcoin treasure and treasures aren’t sold or used easily. They are meant to be kept to serve a greater purpose and with bitcoin, the longer one keeps it, the longer its value appreciate. So therefore, why would I be in a hurry to sell off or use up my bitcoin in purchasing one thing or another when I can make massive profits off the cryptocurrency should I keep it for longer periods.

    • Martins

      @jaymish you have a very good point in saying that bitcoin shouldn’t be spent anyhow online simply because one has it now. Just like you narrated, bitcoin isn’t like other currency printed and distributed by the the country’s central bank, time for its scarcity is always around the corner and it’s what makes the value of the cryptocurrency to appreciate.

  4. jaymish

    I find the idea of gambling away your bitcoins completely repulsive. What is the probability of winning in a casino? Completely zero. Why would you want to loose your valuable bitcoins that will rise in value in the next week,month,year…? Makes no sense to me! Gamble money by all means because it decreases in value because of inflation. I can assure you will get more value if you hold onto your bitcoin, for one more week, even if you win the bet. However the risk is too high.

    • Coins

      While I agree with part of what you say, I would personally rather gamble my USD then BTC as next month $100 USD will still likely be $100, where as $100 in BTC could possibly become $200.

      As far as the probability of winning in a casino being “completely zero”, I personally know many people who have won and cashed out playing both online and land based. The casinos listed above are licensed in various jurisdictions and run legit software.

      But I completely understand your point. It comes down to ones personal savings goals, but for myself, just holding is usually the best bet!

      • Martins

        It’s heart and being able to take risk before one can be a good gambler. It’s not that I’m advocating for all humans to become a gambler but I have seen lots of people who have become millionaires through gambling and those it rendered utterly useless.

        My take on gambling is that one should gamble with what one can afford to lose and not feel too bad about it. It’s called being a responsible gambler and it’s the only way to survive the threat of being ruined by gambling.

        • Denis

          I understand the stance when it comes down to gambling bitcoin.
          Bitcoin is so hard to get and gambling it away is a HUGE risk.
          Also, as the basic economy principle says, with more risk comes a more chance of huge payout.
          It really depends on the person.It can lift you up and kick you all the way down.All about luck when it comes down to gambling and little bit of brains, so overall advice of mine would be to avoid gambling it.

          • Martins

            It takes lots of guts and being a good risk taker to succeed as a gambler. I can remember when I was introduced into gambling, I almost developed high blood pressure when I placed a huge stake of money but I was lucky not to have lost because I would have been in a serious financial problem.

    • Martins

      @jaymish I seriously wouldn’t gamble a single bitcoin of mine in casinos or any other gambling platform because the worth of bitcoin is far more valuable and important than that of a real currency. The appreciation rate of bitcoin is what makes it better than ordinary currency, so it’s very important to hold onto one’s bitcoin and gamble with just cash.

  5. jaymish

    Bitcoin or cryptocurrency as a whole is a fascinating topic and not as easy to wrap your head around. It takes ages and ages to explain especially to older people. I’m really excited about a digital currency, independent from government control, though they keep trying to stick their oars in through regulation and the delusion that, they can control bitcoin usage. I agree with statements that it is a disruptive technology. I even saw a comment online today, by billionaire Tim Draper saying it is greater than the internet.

    • Martins

      I do believe that in no distant time that digital currency would thrive in our society as government and financial institutions would fully accept its usage for transaction.

      It’s true that bitcoin and other cryptocurrency are going through a rough patch now but what I know is that nothing good comes easy. So therefore, I believe that this rough patch would soon elapse and a better day would usher itself in.

  6. Martins

    The truth is that when one is looking for the best investment to get into in our current economy, I would strongly recommend going into Cryptocurrency investment with bitcoin being your number one choice.

    It’s true that bitcoin is quite expensive but once you get to invest in it, there is a good chance of making profit in such investment double in no distant time.

    The only problem with cryptocurrency or bitcoin now is that it’s not yet generally accepted by all the world economy and a feasible currency but I believe that in no distant time the future of bitcoin would be more brighter than the way it is now.

    • Denis

      Who knows what will happen, Martin.

      Maybe they do end up being accepted by major banks and governments.Less likely, but not impossible.

      If something can benefit the humanity, I am sure somebody will take a deep look into it.

      Cryptocurrencies are good way to get rid of banks who are too greedy, but is it powerful to take them down ?

      Only time will tell.

      • Martins

        Personally, I would really love it if the government all over the world would accept bitcoin as a legal tender because I believe it’s going to benefit the citizens more than it might hurt the financial system.

        Yes, it’s true it would affect the original currencies but they can still find a way to coexist and be used interchangeably.

  7. jaymish

    I love your brief introduction to bitcoin,it’s easy to understand especially for a newbie who finds it hard to take in the technicalities involved in bitcoin. The price of bitcoin at the moment is unstable, however I personally think bitcoin is a good investment in the long-run because, of the usability of trading with it. Anyone who can use a computer can buy and exchange bitcoins. The fact that there is only a limited amount of bitcoin that can ever be released will see this cryptocurrency rise in value, especially in future.

    • Martins

      You are absolutely correct, the worth of bitcoin is definitely going to be on the increase even from now till future time. Those that are reaping the benefits of bitcoin are the ones that took the opportunity and invested in the cryptocurrency when it came out newly. Although there were sometimes the price of bitcoin took a down turn but it rose up immediately.

  8. jaymish

    I have to admit that Ethereum is more confusing then bitcoin. I don’t fully understand bitcoin, but i definitely don’t understand Ethereum. What’s the difference between the two for example? They both use different technology but it’s blockchain? From the little I know about Ethereum I think it still has to rely on bitcoin for exchange. As I said still so confused!

    • Coins

      Bitcoins intended and primary use is that of a decentralized currency. It’s best used for making purchases and other Financial transactions online. What makes it special is the blockchain technology, allowing for every transaction to be permanently recorded on a public ledger, that allows for no mistakes or disputes. The other thing thing that makes blockchain so special is that is isn’t ran by any person or company, it’s all ran by automated technology, where code is law.

      Ethereum was created as a way to do much more then simply make transactions. Within ethereum any individual can build apps to run atop of the blockchain. Allowing for the decentralized storage of personal information, the creation of smart contracts, along with so much more.

    • Martins

      Bitcoin is just the beginner of all digital currency, it offered so much more than ordinary fiat currency would never dream of accomplishing. But bitcoin was quite difficult to acquire which led to the rising up of other cryptocurrency such as Ethereum. One thing that I know very much between the two coins is that Ethereum is cheaper than bitcoin to acquire.

      • avsf

        It’s not that bitcoin was difficult to acquire (which is not difficult, just expensive these days), ethereum was created to serve a purpose different from bitcoin. Bitcoin is a currency, and ethereum is a platform for smart contracts, where decentralized apps can be built.

        Price is not relevant when talking about the different features from bitcoin and ethereum.

  9. jaymish

    Litecoin sounds like an interesting investment. It sounds more like bitcoin then ethereum. If you ask more it sounds like a better investment, especially because it’s faster to process then bitcoin. However I maintain that bitcoin is king because all the cryptocurrencies are valued in relation to it. It still makes sense to buy bitcoin, especially when the value is as low as it is now. I don’t think anyone solely accepts litecoin or ethereum. All merchants that accept cryptocurrencies would rather be paid in bitcoin, in my experience.

    • Martins

      The relationship between Bitcoin and Litecoin is what makes it more fascinating and favorable than other cryptocurrency. Seeing that it’s the same the person who founded Bitcoin also did the same for Litecoin shows its more appealing to deal on than other cryptocurrency.

    • avsf

      When we see Litecoin is a fork from Bitcoin, that says a lot about the resemblances. At the same time, there are lots of cryptocurrencies and they are all making an effort to stand out, so being faster and with low fees is an edge LTC might lose soon over the competition. It will all come down do adoption.

      • Martins

        I’m seriously hoping that your speculation on how Litecoin might turn out with the competition among all Altcoins doesn’t come to happen because the project of Litecoin is interesting to me. I have already invested in it.

  10. John Nathaniel

    Your brief introduction to Bitcoin is good, I might bookmark this page as a place for new users to start. Watching bitcoin grow as an innovative payment network, operating independently of central banks has been really interesting for me.

    Holding Bitcoin right now could prove to be an investment for the future, when the demand becomes higher, which will result in a more valuable bitcoin since the supply is limited.

    • Martins

      Of course yes, bitcoin is a revelation of how good the world is going to turn out once every corner in the world accepts the use of bitcoin for settling all forms of transactions. It’s definitely going to make things a lot more better for people with its swift payments and no delay.

      Also known that there is a specific number of bitcoin to be released would definitely make its value increase once the demand increases and supply reduce. So hold your if you have it because the day of cashing in is coming closer.

    • avsf

      Yeah, that is a fact. We can never forget where BTC came from, a fraction of a dollar. I deeply regret not buying BTC in January 2017 when it was around $900. Sure, it has crashed from 20k, but like in life, nothing is a straight line.

      • Martins

        I made the mistake of not buying Bitcoin in 2009 when it was introduced to the world because I was skeptical about the program and what it offers, I never believed it would come to the height it was today but I refused to make the same mistake when its value splashed in early 2018, I was able to make a joint purchase into the Cryptocurrency.

  11. Vinaya

    You did not mention purse.io. Purse.io allows you to buy Amazon products through bitcoins. If you want to buy amazon products, you will have to list the product on purse website along with bitcoins you will be paying and the shipping address. Someone who wants to acquire bitcoins will buy the product. When amazon ships the products to your location, you can release bitcoins to the person.

    • Martins

      And one thing I love about bitcoin transaction is its swift confirmation of transaction unlike what we see in the use of fiat currency. Take for instance, when you are sending money to pay for transaction, using fiat currency would take 1-3 working days for the payment to reflect in the receiver’s bank account but with bitcoin, payment is complete and confirmed immediately.

  12. jaymish

    Interesting news. I had never heard of them before reading this commentary.This is an amazing solution to data storage and could be the solution for data storage of the future. I still have a problem with the price and think it should be cheaper and they should provide more storage space, as they have top notch technology. I have both One Drive and Google Drive accounts which are both free. For Storj to survive it needs to look at its payment model.

    • avsf

      You mean it should be cheaper than 1 cent per GB on top of 25 free GB for one year? 🙂 I think it’s pretty cheap. If I can recall correctly, free Dropbox accounts just go up to 2GB, and let’s not even talk about security and data privacy.

  13. jaymish

    Understanding blockchain is becoming more and more complicated.Just when you thought you understood it, in terms of Bitcoin, you realize it is so much more complicated.I’d like to lie that I understand what AION is but I don’t understand it. The developers should find a way of making it simpler for people to understand. How else do we buy into it?

    • Martins

      The only problem I see with the complications most people have with blockchain is that there are more and more blockchain coming out every day with different set of protocol, and this conflict the preexisting knowledge a beginner already have in mind when it comes to understanding blockchain. If they are just few, it would be very easy to understand and master but the difference is the case we have.

      • avsf

        @martins, yeah, it’s hard to get, one just has to read, and read, and read.

    • avsf

      @jaymish, do you understand Ark? Aion is pretty much like Ark. Each blockchain has it’s own language. Like we have English, French, and so on. Those who can’t speak French cannot communicate with French people.

      Aion wants to be that interpreter that allows Bitcoin blockchain to communicate with Ethereum blockchain. When all the blockchains communicate, decentralization, decentralized Apps can advance full steam as the foundations for a blockchain society.

      It’s all about data transfer and communication, the whole world today is about data. Right?

      Aion is not an obvious choice to invest though, at least for me, at the moment.

  14. jaymish

    I’m excited, this sounds really interesting.If this is successful it will be a complete game changer for online advertising. However you can’t deny it, you need to advertise, how do you sell your product? How will he sell his browser?Advertising is a multi-billion dollar industry and drives many economies. He does say in the video that you can opt in to advertising, so let’s see what the future holds.

    • Martins

      There is no doubt that advertising is one of the leading field that is thriving so well in our world today. This is because everything today needs to be advertised and promoted in order to make sales and generate revenue and profits for the owner of the business.

      If it’s a physical products or services, it still needs advertising, if it’s services offered online, it still needs to be advertised, so Basic Attention Token is a good deal in my opinion.

  15. jaymish

    Another coin? Shocking! He could be on to something though, if it has it’s own blockchain. It could have the same rank as bitcoin or ethereum. It also seems quite flexible,especially that people with diffrent languages can create apps on this platform.I don’t really like the name though, I think they should change it, it does not reflect this cryptos potential.

    • Martins

      It’s true what you pointed out, the name which it bears – “Komodo” sounds a little bit odd but I really don’t think it would be a much problem if it’s well known to the general public. Most times people aren’t interested in the name of what they take part in but the benefits of using that. So therefore, if Komodo offers something to what other well known cryptocurrency offers, the name wouldn’t mean a lot.

    • avsf

      lol Komodo is a strange name indeed. This can actually go both ways, a coin that wants to do too much can get lost in the way, I do prefer a coin that has one simple focus.

      As for having it’s own blockchain, most coins start as ERC20 tokens (Ethereum tokens) and later on release their own mainframe, like happened recently with WTC and will happen soon with TRX and EOS.

  16. Vinaya

    I have never played casino games by paying it bitcoins. However, I have uzed bitcoins indirectly to play casino games. Usually, I send my btcoins to my skrill account. When I send bitcoins to skrill, BTC will be converted to USD, Euro or Pound automaticallt. Skrill is accepted as a payment option on many casinos. Next time I am playing casino games, I will make sure to choose one of these casinos.

    • Martins

      Skrill is a good online money platform, it’s somehow related to PayPal, even though I haven’t used it yet for any form of transactions, but I’m sure that those who have used it for one transaction or another are satisfied with its services.

    • EfficientNinja

      I also don’t do betting but I’m currently looking into Matched Betting for some additional income. I hear they are on the safe side. Having Bitcoin or other Crypto as an alternative payment would be a good thing for me.

  17. Vinaya

    I heard about bitcoins back in 2014. I acquired my first bitcoins when a writing site called blogjob paid me $100 worth bitcons for contributing to the site. Bitcons was priced $400 when I g0t my first coins. That was in the middle of 2015. By the end of 2015, I had one bitcoins. However, I did not understand the true value of bitcoins. I converted to USD and spent my bitcoins.

    • Martins

      If the site is still active, I believe that you can still try and make more contributions to the site to receive more bitcoin if it’s still possible. But I doubt if they will still offer such deals now that the worth of bitcoin has risen beyond anyone’s imagination. Maybe they will still offer such benefits to new members joining the site. Do you think I should check out the site?

    • avsf

      That is a sad story @Vinaya! I suppose you are now sorry you sold them right? 🙂

  18. Martins

    How I wish I’m the gambling type, I would have taken the opportunity provided with some of these casinos to make a few bucks.

    But casino is just not my thing, the only gambling I’m comfortable taking on is sports (soccer) betting. I actually staked Real Madrid beating Bayern Munich and I won $200.

    • Denis

      Ah, tbat is good to hear, as I am Real Madrid fan, and I did the same 🙂
      I really have mixed feelings about betting with a bitcoin.
      If I came into that temptation I really do now know what would I do.
      It is so tempting to gamble them and potentially make thousands and thousands dollars, or lose everything…

      • Martins

        Gambling can go wrong from the first minute of placing the bet and it may also go wrong at the dying minutes one would have concluded to have won the money. It’s actually why it’s always encouraged to bet what one can afford to lose should things go wrong at anytime.

    • EfficientNinja

      Betting, especially on casinos, is very risky. It’s like you’re playing just to make the casino richer. They have the odds in their favor because they hire someone to compute a probability in their games that favor the casino.

      I also do sports betting. I am quite familiar with NBA matchups and I only do it occasionally.

  19. Martins

    Bitcoin isn’t acceptable for any transaction payment whether online or offline in my country yet. It’s actually the reason why I haven’t used it to facilitate any kind of transactions.

    It’s just for investment purposes that I’m taking up bitcoin because it’s definitely going to be useful for me in other countries that accept it and I’m sure that sooner than later, it’s going to be accepted here and I would have an advantage over others who are yet to invest in the cryptocurrency.

    • Vinaya

      Bitcoin is not legally accepted in my home country. You cannot buy and sell bitcoins, you cannot trade bitcoins, you cannot use bitcoins to buy and sell things. The best way to use bitcoins in our home country is to convert your bitcoins to real money and then withdraw from your ewallet or bank. I have converted my bitcoins to real money many times and use it for shopping purpose. I think I have already spend $3000 worth of bitcoins already by shopping online and offline.

      • Martins

        It’s just exactly the same thing with my country and all cryptocurrency not just only bitcoin. The government does not want to give any thoughts on it because they believe it threatens the financial system and legal currency. But to me, I see their disapproval of cryptocurrency as a means to only protect their personal selfish interests.

        • Vinaya

          Generally speaking, there is a fear surrounding bitcoins. It is interpreted that if bitcoins are allowed, people will begin to create money by themselves and the government will lose control over making money. However, this is unfounded belief. If bitcoins is brought in the legal frame and traded openly, government can tax the trading and collect revenue.

          • Martins

            From my perspective and observations with how most governments operate, those in power are mainly looking for a way to enrich only themselves but the entire masses. So, them seeing how the people take to bitcoin investment and how it’s favoring them which makes them care less about what the government does by taking control of their financial life. Government always want the people to be slaves to them even when the people are the ones that vote them in power.

    • Denis

      I believe that my country is facing the same issue.
      No place here accepts bitcoin as a payment.
      There was this university in neighboring country, Serbia, that was accepting bitcoins as a tuition on their university.I do not think they were a good university but it might have started there.
      In other countries, around Montenegro, bitcoin is a taboo and rarely who knows lot about it.

      • Martins

        What I love seeing in my society today is even though the government doesn’t approve bitcoin and other cryptocurrency for transaction purposes, still the populace still don’t mind investing in the coin because there is every chance that as the current government does not approve the cryptocurrency, another future government might accept and approve it.

        • Denis

          That remains of a lesser importance if you can find a community to trade it with.Unless they make mining coins a crime, then everything should be fine.
          There is no need in government accepting it when you have so many places you can exchange the money for the currency of the country you are living in and you can carry on with your life without problems.

          • Martins

            It’s true what you just mentioned, even though the government doesn’t approve its use in the country, there are other good alternatives where one can trade bitcoin and make money with suffering any punishment whatsoever. I’m doing that as well but I haven’t taken mining that seriously but I’m sure to do so once I have the time to do so.

  20. Martins

    I’m not seeing much on the timeline about the history of bitcoin, maybe it’s a glitch on the article, please I would like to have more information on the history of bitcoin, how it started, who first used it for transaction, it’s mining history etc. Please feel free to to update the article with a more comprehensive content.


    • EfficientNinja

      Same with me. I see a huge white space and I thought the text might also be the same color with the content but it is not.

      I saw a link to the website of historyofbitcoin.org though. They provided a timeline starting from the origin of Bitcoin up to the present.

  21. jaymish

    Interesting technology behind this, but still very confusing.More confusing than blockchain. I like the fact that it has zero transaction fees. This should draw the crowd in. People like a deal where they can get it.However how will the company make it’s money to keep the network working and upto date? Bitcoin has heralded the start of so many things, it will be interesting to see what the future holds.

    • Martins

      I think that one good thing about IOTA is that it’s linked to work in between other cryptocurrency and blockchain in data processing and it attracts zero fees as well, so this is a win-win situation from where I stand. I haven’t made use of IOTA but I think it’s definitely worth it.

    • avsf

      Yeah, it’s hard to get. The distinctive feature from IOTA is tangle, allowing cheap scaling and validation, enabling unlimited growth and offline use of the blockchain. Huge companies are investing on IOTA, they might be on to something! 🙂

  22. jaymish

    This must have governments scratching their heads. Imagine a world free from decentralization, government control, political control. I’m definitely here for it. I love, love,love this concept. Not having to use an Internet Service Provider? I hope? Peer Networks are all the rage right now, In the next 2-5 years the globe will be a totally diffrent place.I like their business model, which makes this idea sustainable. I also think it will change how people work. We can already see this model with Amazon in the form of microtasks.

    • avsf

      Yep, Golem is a fascinating concept, but has strong competition from other cryptos. From what I understand, it’s not a matter of not using an ISP, we will always need to pay someone to access the internet, in this case Golem it’s all about accessing computing power in a decentralized way, meaning, I can give computing power to you through golem. I get paid for giving the computing power, and you get more reliable and private computing power than if you bought it from Amazon or other giant private company.

  23. jaymish

    I like where the world is generally heading. People are committed to finding solutions to their many problems. Transferring money from one part of the globe to the next is often a tedious task. Sometimes a transfer can take upto 7 days and the currency conversion rate is horrible. At first Stellar looks like bitcoin, but the more you listen to the presentation the more you realize that it is diffrent. It’s diffrence lies in the fact it searches for the best conversion rate from a list of currencies. This has great potential for international money transfer.

    • avsf

      Yep, the main difference between Stellar and Bitcoin, presently, is the speed Stellar has, as it can achieve VISA like speed, which is something pretty impressive. Also, a partnership with IBM is something big for Stellar, but this doesn’t mean full adoption from IBM or other companies that process payments. It’s long road for crypto adoption.

  24. Martins

    One thing that I love so much about NEM (XEM) is the security it strives to bring to coins. Most coins recently suffer lots of security breach as a result of the activities of hackers which wouldn’t stop anytime sooner but with the project of NEM, I’m sure that this issue of hacks would be at the barest minimum if it’s not stopped completely.

    • avsf

      XEM actually suffered a hack back in January in the Coincheck Exchange. So it doesn’t really matter how safe a coin is, as exchanges are still vulnerable. $420 million worth of XEM were stolen, an insane number!

  25. Martins

    I’m impressed with the information contained in this article about Storj and to be honest with you, it’s just my first time of hearing about this. Data is worth millions in our society today and if Storj can do a good job in securing and encrypting these data on multiple layers for security purposes, it’s definitely worth investing into. I’m still going to take time to study Storj more as this is just a brief background of what it’s all about and what it offer.

    • Denis

      I, actually, have some experience in cloud hosting, but I never heard of Storj.
      Online data storage plays a huge importance nowadays, since everyone uses a lot of data to satisfy their needs.Computers got better and files got bigger.
      Securing those files is among the top priorities of providers.
      As you suggested, @Martins , one should study this field before making any attempts, just to know what is one dealing with.

    • avsf

      File sharding is an impressive technology! Dig deeper on that to know all the details about it, it’s rather fascinating. 🙂

  26. Martins

    Blockchain is right up there close to bitcoin and it’s believed that it doesn’t suffer the scrutiny bitcoin suffers lately. Even though I haven’t had any transactions with AION, I still believe in its project and hope it effectively works out being the common protocol for all the blockchains.

    • Denis

      I find it so interesting how the internet has been changing for years.
      I do not have experience with AION, but this article was very much of a help.
      However, I have to disagree with Martins when it comes down to closeness of bitcoin and blockchain.I believe bitcoin will be strong for some time, much more than any other cryptocurrency, but it will take years to find out who will lead the spot, in my opinion.

      • Martins

        @Denis From my experience in this life, nothing remains on top forever. The same thing is the case with bitcoin and blockchain, yes it’s true bitcoin is on top now, there is no guarantee that it would continue being on top till the end of time. Remember the crazy fall it experienced not long ago. If something like that happens and stays over a long period of time, what do you think would be the fate of the coin?

      • avsf

        @denis Bitcoin leads, no question here. It’s ecosystem has been developed for years now, and keeps growing. as more and more people are using it.

    • avsf

      @Martins, there are several blockchains. We have bitcoin blockchain, ethereum blockchain, neo blockchain, and so on. So, blockchain and bitcoin aren’t different things, it’s the same thing. There are different blockchains though. Any questions, do let me know.

  27. Denis

    I am not really sure do I understand how this chart works.
    Can some experienced member explain it to me ?
    What is the difference between upper graph and bottom one, prices seem to be different.

  28. Martins

    When the number transactions processed by Etherum is low when millions of users have transactions that needs to be dealt with in seconds, these becomes a huge problem and a serious headache for users and it affects the blockchain progress. But with EOS trying to give dApps the possibilities of growing without scaling issues and fees makes everything more better.

    • avsf

      Ethereum is developing it’s own solutions to scale, it just takes time. EOS is being developed with those solutions to start with, but it’s still in ICO stage, so it’s a project just beginning as well, and far from being full steam.

  29. Martins

    Etherum was founded because of the complexity that comes with bitcoin as not everyone can afford to invest in bitcoin, at least this is my view on the emergence of the cryptocurrency – Etherum. It made provisions for more when it comes to dealing with its blockchain. Now, the only problem that is yet to be addressed by Etherum blockchain is the number of transactions it processes on daily basis. A lot of users are left stranded because of few transactions processing in a day which I believe is only 50.

    • avsf

      Again @Martins, Ethereum was not created because Bitcoin was too expensive. The problem with Ethereum, Bitcoin and all other cryptos is that they are new, industry changing technologies, that face the obstacles any new tech faces. Anyone remember when Amazon begun? It wasn’t simple was it?

  30. Martins

    One thing which I love about Dash is it’s enhanced privacy and speed of transaction processing. This makes everything more easier unlike when it takes longer periods to approve a transaction. The reason for this is that Dash is more of an investment than a currency, so it can easily be used just like prepaid cards as well as debit cards are used.

    • Denis

      From everything that I read so far, I must agree.
      Speed of transaction is, indeed, one of the most important things in crypto exchange.
      Ability to use dash as a debit card/prepaid/credit card is something crypto currencies needed.
      I am looking forward to explore more about DASH.

      • Martins

        Yes, it’s a lot good to have the possibility of using dash for bank credit card transactions. It makes the coin to be more viable for transaction in such a way that it would be easy for people to use. I know a few people who have made use of dash for their foreign exchange and transaction, it’s very swift.

      • avsf

        Speed of transaction is important, but also safety. The main focus of Dash is privacy though.

        @Denis, many currencies these days can be spent using debit or credit cards, it’s not something exclusive for Dash.

    • avsf

      These days most cryptos are more of an investment, we are just waiting for that killer app that will trigger the usage of crypto massively.

  31. EfficientNinja

    This is a good step forward for cryptocurrencies. Organizations are slowly accepting them because they are now realizing the convenience of using them as an alternative to traditional payment. What I like about cryptocurrency payments is that you remain anonymous during transactions.

    • Denis

      Organizations are mostly not accepting them because they do not know what are they going to do with them.
      Most organizations have never traded with a bitcoin and it is not surprising why would they not accept it.

      • Martins

        It’s mainly online shopping platforms that are accept bitcoin in paying for transaction. These platforms now in turn takes it upon themselves to buy from multi national corporations and still trade in bitcoin in open exchange markets. The only way organizations are going to accept bitcoin is when government approves the use of bitcoin and other cryptocurrency as a legitimate currency for paying for goods and services.

  32. EfficientNinja

    It’s good to see that online shops are integrating payment through Bitcoin. Although it is not that widely used here in my country. I hope online shops here make the move to also allow payment through Bitcoin. It will be more convenient to pay using crypto because you can remain anonymous will doing transactions online.

    I’ve also seen freelancers who allow payment for their services with Bitcoin.

    I hope this will encourage other people and organizations to support cryptocurrency.

    • Martins

      The anonymity that comes with the use of cryptocurrency in paying for transaction are sometimes being exploited by those people who deal on weapons and contraband items or illegal deals. I’m sure it’s part of the reason why some country’s government don’t approve the use and acceptance of bitcoin or other cryptocurrency for any kind of transaction because there is no way of detecting who bought what and paid for it by security agency should it be an illegal transaction.

      • EfficientNinja

        Agreed. It kind of acts like a double-edged sword. Anonymity gives lots of benefits but its drawbacks are making underground transactions more difficult or even impossible. I do hope the governments let this pass because those black market people are already using them and won’t need the government’s permission to do so. Us regular citizens should also be able to use crypto conveniently for shopping online. 😀

  33. Treathyl Fox

    I had no problem viewing the timeline and I learned a lot of important facts about the history of Bitcoin. As I was reading I couldn’t help but think that members of the Medici family would probably be very impressed with Satoshi Nakamoto.

  34. Coins

    Updates the page, it was in an iframe and that was working fine until we moved the site over to https and the embedded iframe is http, so it would no longer display. Now if you simply click the link, you will see the timeline. Its actually pretty cool.

    • Martins

      Alright @Coins thanks for the tip on how to see the full article with the link. I’m definitely going to check it now and see the extent of information I would be able to get from the content.

      Good job.

  35. jaymish

    Amazing information. Coincidentally I was thinking about this topic yesterday. When you work online the only payment solution that is broadly available for payment of services is PayPal. This is a bit of a problem especially if they ban you. They are also not available in many countries. Since globally people are moving to global transactions because of online commercial transactions there is need for the development of a payment solution that has no bureaucracy to help with this. OMG looks like the perfect solution.

    • Coins

      PayPal imo has actually been a horrible service recently. In the past few years they seem to allow chargebacks for everything, leaving the seller without options in many cases.

      I have sold two different items on eBay, where after the buyer received the item they initiated a chargeback, and even with proof that the seller had received the items, PayPal approved the chargebacks and I was unable to get paid for the products I sent.

      It seems PayPal is increasingly being targeted by scammers and they offer little protection to the sellers anymore.

      Crypto 100% fixes this problem for sellers, as once all parties agree, all sales are final. As a buyer you just have to make sure you are buying from a reputable person or company.

      Lucky for us even Craigslist now allows you to accept crypto for payment. eBay has said they are seriously looking into crypto payments.

      • Vinaya

        I have filed a dispute with paypal a couple of times and I have always been refunded. I filed a dispute when the seller sent a different item, never received the product or the product was of low quality. I have also been refunded when a HYIP I had invested through paypal did not send my money. Paypal works on the benefits of buyers, therefore, I have heard horror stories from the people who were cheated because of buyer’s protection. One of the reasons why paypal payment is not available for crypto currency buying or investment is due to chargebacks.

        • avsf

          Yep, PayPal is huge because it protects the majorities, in this case, the buyers. With OMG no third parties involved, it’s all peer to peer, it would be interesting to see how they will deal with reputation systems for buyers/sellers, or will that be out of their scope?

  36. jaymish

    The popularity of bitcoin has stimulated technology to come up with more ways to use blockchain. I like this idea. Many people trade in their cryptocurrency because of desperation, yet now is not the time to sell, Because bitcoin is not a currency that is printed on demand, the price is bound to rise especially in future as less and less bitcoin is released to the market. In my opinion it is best to hold bitcoin even for the next generation.

  37. jaymish

    Privacy is the reason I think cryptocurrency is such a popular and successful concept. This is a good concept. What I’m confused about is what the diffrence between it and other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin is. Is it a currency or a payment solution. Does it operate worldwide? It’s also not popular so this may limit how many people will be able to use and exchange Pivx. If it gains popularity it can be a great idea, especially looking at the promised speed.

  38. jaymish

    I agree that blockchain is revolutionary. It’s potential is ad infinitum. The things that blockchain can do is fascinating. Most people are only familiar with one aspect of block chain which is financial transactions. Xem is an amazing concept and will change the way many things in business work. Imagine using blockchain to vote, in storing records e.t.c This will also change the future of work and may reduce the number of employees needed to perform certain tasks. Interesting times!

    • Martins

      It’s exactly what we are looking forward to having in this our time of technology advancement. Innovators are always looking for ways to make the life of everyone in the world a lot more better as long as they are willing to embrace change. It’s just like what we are experiencing with bitcoin where some countries refused to accept it.

    • avsf

      Blockchain in general brings more trust to any system, and the proof is that some charities are already starting to use smart contracts to get their funds away from corruption. No question that the Eigentrust algorithm brings additional innovation and flexibility to the blockchain.

  39. jaymish

    With all this technology happening out here at the moment you have no choice but to get some understanding. Before hearing about bitcoin I knew nothing about blockchain, but with the popularity of blockchain, one is forced to understand what it is and how it works.Ark is one of those complex transactions backed up by blockchain. However I don’t see the diffrence between it and crypto’s like blockchain, apart from the promised transactional speeds.A big disadvantage is that the other party may have to have Ark for you to transact.

    • Martins

      I think all these offers some kind of alternative to people. It’s never good to have just one platform to be in charge of all blockchain transactions, it’s going to cause serious monopoly effects in the system. So with several innovative programs like Ark and a lot more, people have more to choose from and carry out their business transactions.

      • avsf

        It’s not just a matter of monopoly, but different technologies for different use cases and synergies.

    • avsf

      Right, so Ark is the so called 3rd generation blockchain, it’s a somewhat distant reality, even more when people haven’t figured out exactly how 1st and 2nd generation work.

      So, we can call bitcoin, for example, 1st generation blockchain. Ethereum, 2nd generation blockchain. Ark, Aion, Cardano and so on, 3rd generation blockchains.

      Ethereum and Bitcoin are independent blockchains, different ecosystems that work independently.

      The goal of Ark or Aion is to create bridges that connect these blockchain, making a bigger blockchain, a bigger ecosystem.

      Pretty much like happened in Europe before the Euro, each country had it’s currency (Portugal – escudo, Spain – peseta, Italy – lira, Germany – mark, France – franc, and so on), but when the Euro came along, a unified European Economy and currency gave another strength to the EU.

  40. jaymish

    All the choices out here in terms of crypto and financial transactions facilitated by blockchain are crazy. I can’t choose anymore. The privacy angel of XMR is much touted by the advertisement but isn’t it the same as bitcoin. Sounds the same as mining bitcoin.The lines are blurring a bit here!The output and input explanation is a bit confusing and I still think that this is a completed version of a bitcoin or any other crypto transaction.

    • avsf

      That is why this is just a brief introduction @jaymish. If this is something that really interest you, you need to read more, investigate further. You can also place any questions you might have here we will be glad to answer. 🙂 Monero is a privacy coin, unlike Bitcoin, I hope at least that become clear to you.

    • Martins

      Wow @Charlie that’s a long list of companies and it only proves one thing which we already know which is that Litecoin is well accepted and used by a lot of businesses and establishment and it’s a very good thing.

      • avsf

        Great list, thank you for sharing @Charlie!

  41. Vinaya

    Prior to reading this thread, I had never heard of OmiseGO. Perhaps, I never heard of OMG because I do not take a lot of interest in these new crypto currencies. having said that I have also taken interest in some popular crypto currencies for investment purose. However, I have not been able to invest in crypto currency because of payment issue. I do not have cards that are accepted internationally, I do not have a lot of bitcoins to buy other crypto currency. I have funds on paypal howeve,r paypal payment is not available.

    • avsf

      Yeah, that is an issue. Still a lot of people don’t have a reliable way to buy crypto, or are just too afraid to be scammed in the process, which is not a simple and straightforward one. Even in Coinbase, the most trusted way to buy crypto, it can take up to a week or more to register, be verified, send money, and buy crypto…

  42. Vinaya

    I think the ability to buy gold from crypto currency is great. Gold is the most stable and secure investment. The gold price may not increase rapidly just like crypto currency price, however, the gold price also does not drop rapidly just like crypto currency. I have never heard of DigixDAO and DGX, I will have to check the official site and find more about this crypto currency and token.

    • Martins

      I have seen such adverts about being able to buy gold from cryptocurrency sites. It’s such a good innovation because it makes transactions more legit and secure. Trading through popular cryptocurrency platforms would give one a peace of mind because of safety of investment.

  43. jaymish

    I really like this idea. This is an amazing way to invest in crypto. However I don’t really understand some of the logistics. It seems a bit complicated. So to recap DGD are tokens whose value is related to the price of Gold stored in Singapore? I hope this interpretation is right? It’s traded between individuals? Who determines the values? How secure is your gold? In theory this is a good idea. Lets see how it will work in practice. I would be interested in investing in this.

    • Vinaya

      As far as I understand, gold price determines the value of DGX because gold provides a guarantee for DGX. The concept behind DGX is really good because gold is the most stable investment. Crypto prices seem to fluctuate every now and then, however, by associating the crypto currency with gold, the value will be some what controlled. London Bullion Market is world’s authority market for gold and DGX determines the value through the gold price as stated by LOndon Bullion Market.

      • avsf

        Yep, pretty much well explained right here @vinaya. DGX is the so called stable coin because it’s backed by a physical asset, in this case, gold. The gold is secure in a vault in Singapore, according to the Digix team.

        DGD token represents the governance for DGX.

        @jaymish, once we have DGD and DGX sure, we trade them on an exchange, knowing what represents.

    • Martins

      It’s a good prospect to take up the opportunity to invest in gold through cryptocurrency. I think dealing between individuals makes it more convenient for one to finalize a trade sooner than just waiting for an undisclosed person to turn up to transact with you.

  44. jaymish

    Not that diffrent from other crypto’s. They all sale and tout the right to privacy. The explanation provided is a bit technical and complicated, however they took interesting measures to protect privacy. My worry would be why buy into ZEC when you can just buy bitcoin which a more accepted and valued crypto. The reason why bitcoin continues to rise in value is because it is universally accepted. I don’t see the stand out or distinguishing features in ZEC.

    • Coins

      While all cryptocurrency is pseudo-anonymous, most have a very transparent blockchain, where you can fully trace all transaction history of the user, if you know who the user is. This becomes a problem at point of sale, as many exchanges and businesses require your ID when making transactions.

      Unlike Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Zcash can be fully anonymous, leaving your entire transaction history fully private, even when the user is known.

      Pseudonymity basically means disguised identity. – Most Coins

      Full anonymity, means there is no way to trace any identity – Coins like Zcash, XMR, Cloak, Pivx.

  45. jaymish

    At this rate everyone will have a coin. Block-chain technology is opening up so many technologies. I like the fact that this is open source , so it opens up opportunities for the public to use blockchain in diffrent areas of their lives. EOS promises cheaper transaction fees which is always good news from the point of view of a consumer. Sign me up for this one. It has potential. I agree block chain will completely revolutionize the way we do things in years to come.

    • avsf

      Haha, not everyone will have a coin @jaymish! We have public and private blockchains, and public blockchains are open source.

      EOS promises a lot, in the next weeks the main chain will be launched, so let’s see how that goes.

  46. jaymish

    Seems like a coin and platform backed by rich academic research in the form of a peer reviewed paper. It sounds clearer than the millions of crypto aspiring companies out there. It lays out exactly what it intends to achieve in this case to improve on Ethereum and Bitcoin. A bit skeptical of how they are going to do that though! Nevertheless I’m always willing to give a chance.

    • avsf

      Yeah, it’s a really ambitious project and the results should come long-term. They aren’t even in production, but hey, nothing like setting the sky as limit. Mixing currency and smart contracts in two layers is not for every project!

  47. jaymish

    Neo is the 2nd crypto I’ve seen apart from bitcoin that I think is worth investing in. Remember guys that China is a country with a population of 1 billion people. Who doesn’t want a piece of that? I like the fact that it may pass government regulation,but with no anonymity can we really describe it as a crypto? One of the characteristics of cryptos is privacy. This is a coin to consider especially if china adapts it.

    • Martins

      You are absolutely correct with that assertion, I buy into it without any doubt. The protocol of Neo is very interesting and should it keep on growing the way it does and should a good marketing and promotion campaign be made about it, I’m sure that lots of people would definitely invest in Neo.

    • avsf

      @jaymish, Bitcoin is not anonymous, it’s a public ledger. Sure, there are many privacy coins, but there are many others which aren’t private.

      On the other hand, I personally think China is seeing the blockchain as the opportunity to become economy nº1 in the world, they are taking it very seriously, and Neo is just the best well-known crypto representing that, but there are many others.

  48. jaymish

    Did it copy it’s name from the Kardashian clothes store?I hope not. I like the fact that it is self-funding. This may ensure the technology keeps improving. I’ve never heard of this crypto, so this is a worrying aspect of it. However the commentary mentions it’s meant to be more private than bitcoin. This suggest it’s also has an element of exclusivity. It’s success will depend on how well this is adopted. For example,If a group of wealthy people adopt to it and use as an exchange between themselves it may gain traction. It sounds promising!

    • Martins

      You don’t need to worry much about Dash, although to worry about something before getting your money into it is very useful, so as not to make one silly bad transaction. But I can guarantee you that Dash is 100% legit and cool.

      • avsf

        Why cool @Martins? 🙂

        Good suggestion though, never buy what you don’t know, get informed first!

    • avsf

      It’s not hard to be more private than bitcoin because bitcoin is public.

      It’s true that the fact that all the cryptos being new makes people suspicious, but it’s also when crypto is more profitable, as we can buy it cheaper now. 😉

  49. Martins

    I believe that this struggle between ETC and ETH is actually what made it to lag behind in terms of worth or value when compared to other cryptocurrency especially bitcoin. Since one was forked out from the other and ETC having just a small community and ETH losing its strength show how the division affected the coin.

  50. mitan143

    Alright. So bitcoin is an independent type of money wherein it works digitally? I’ve been curious for bitcoin and how cryptocurrencies works for a long time and this is my first forum to learn all about bitcoin and then there are other cryptocurrencies so I guess this is great. Thanks for the this informative article.

  51. mitan143

    This is why forum like this is very helpful and informative. I’ve seen the timeline and wow, so the first person who invented the idea of bitcoin is a Japanese and you know I like Japanese people (their culture and their country, almost everything). So I’m proud that he had this idea first. Anyway, I’ve learned a lot and no wonder why Japan is considered as “Tech Leader”.

  52. Martins

    The possibility of having a means of enabling communication with other blockchain using smartbridges by Ark is a very nice upgrade that Ark comes with. In my opinion, this makes it more efficient and effective in carrying out transactions. It’s good Ark’s blockchain is trying to rival Etherum by offering more, this is a positive thing in my opinion.

    • avsf

      Pretty much, I don’t even see it as competition for Ethereum, more like cooperation.

  53. Vinaya

    I have never heard of Cardano. When I searched for Cardano on Google, the top search result said “Cardano is a distributed computing platform that runs the blockchain for the Ada cryptocurrency.” I know bitcoin is a crypto currency and ethereum is a platform, if Cardano combines both of these, I believe it is the most revolutionary product to be launched. I believe Cardano is going to be the next big think because t si open source.

    • avsf

      I think all the cryptos are open source, that was the legacy left to us by Satoshi, the Bitcoin creator, he/she left the code for the other cryptos to be developed.

      I don’t know if it’s the most revolutionary, but it certainly goes for the big picture. It can make it big time, or fail miserably. 🙂

      • Treathyl Fox

        Well we ought to thank the Lord for Mr. Satoshi’s work and his vision. I’m not being sarcastic. My praise is genuine. As for Cardano? I now know that it’s symbol is ADA on the exchange? How do I know? I went to register to create an account in a forum and if I couldn’t answer that question my account wasn’t going to get created. My experience was different from Vinaya. When I Googled it, the symbol popped right up in the search results. So I guess that’s a sign that this “ambitious project” is making progress.

  54. Vinaya

    When I think about crypto currency the main idea that gets into my mind is decentralization. Since IOTA is fully decentralized, we can trust this digital currency. I also believe that the creator behind this crypto currency have enough experience. Bitcoin was launched in 2009 and the creator of IOTA are working on this project since 2010.
    “One of the major features of IOTA is the interoperability.” I will have to find out what interoperability actually is.

    • Martins

      In as much as Bitcoin has been on top of cryptocurrency and digital currency for ages, other decentralized coins are popping up with good offers and features that even Bitcoin couldn’t offer. So therefore, IOTA project is going in the right direction if I’m to access how it’s moving.

      If Bitcoin happens to be the only cryptocurrency, blockchain or digital currency, the extent of how hard it is to acquire the coin would be 100 times harder compared to what we have now.

    • avsf

      Interoperability just means IOTA will cover digitization of every single item (can be a toaster or a mobile phone) into the blockchain. It’s a transaction agreement on the Internet of Things (IoT). Have you seen DGD article @Vinaya? Gold is digitized there. So, IOTA wants to do that with everything. Pretty ambitious stuff!

      @Martins, it’s not just about the price, but the different features each coin has. Bitcoin played the noblest role for blockchain, by making the code open source. It’s like Adam and Eve at the same time of cryptocurrency. 🙂

  55. Donna Reilly

    It’s always confused me has bitcoin, I am loving this forum and learning all about it correctly for once. I have come across other forums that don’t explain it in detail like this one does however. I write on Steemit and that’s a cryptocurrency writing platform, it took me a while to understand digital currencies, but these days I am slowly beginning to understand them. Due to this forum. It’s full of useful information.

  56. Martins

    The greatest thing Basic Attention Token offers which I love completely is its fight against crazy and annoying ads which are mostly spams that interrupt one’s work, cost one’s data and sometimes get some virus into one’s device because some of the ads get one routed to an unsecure site that is rigged with potential virus waiting to strike anyone that opens it.

  57. jaymish

    DCR is an interesting concept. For bitcoin which is the most common crytpo normal civilians know very little about mining. I like the fact here that the miners don’t get all the coins, with civilians left to buy from them at their mercy. I don’t exactly understand how DCR is scalable. I think its a good idea but because I’ve never heard of it I wouldn’t say it has any competition. The increase in value of cryptos is based on how many people are willing to buy into them. Cryptos are normally described as social currencies. The more people that know about you the better.

    • avsf

      When Bitcoin appeared the whole goal was to decentralize value distribution. With the appearance of mining pools, that concept kind of died, as few accumulate the mining power and btc. Participation makes decentralization stronger with DCR.

      The hybrid PoW and PoS system just means that all the decred activity isn’t made on chain (in the blockchain), so it doesn’t create a congestion, making it, therefore, faster and more scalable, in the sense it can support more transactions without congesting the decred blockchain.

  58. jaymish

    Deep Onion is a unique name for a crypto. I’,m not sure if this will pull the crowd or keep them away. I’m not sure I would buy into a crypto called deep onion. Cryptos by definition are anonymous, so nothing special here. However the Deep send technology sounds interesting. This could potentially distinguish this crypto from the others. A problem many people are starting to have. They are so many coins available its getting hard to tell the diffrence.

    • avsf

      Cryptos are not anonymous by definition @jaymish, and that is why we even have a category for privacy coins, precisely to make it clear that they are private, like Onion.

      As for the name, I think they are just trying to associate it with their different security layers? 🙂

  59. jaymish

    I like the idea of SONM. If I understand it it correctly this is extra computing power for things like mining that require a lot of computer power to solve the algorithm?I think this is an amazing way of earning crypto. Your earn crypto by doing almost nothing.However If people can tap into your computer power is it safe from external attacks? A serious area I think they need to address . This assurance will have more people investing in this ICO.Has great potential!

  60. Treathyl Fox

    Ethereum is not something for a newbie cryptocurrency investor like me. But I do like the idea of “no need for lawyers”. LOL. Regards the Support Links for this discussion I reviewed the article “Beyond Bitcoin: Why Ethereum Could Change The World” published via Medium and the I think the section titled “Greater Uses” is fascinating.

    • Coins

      Glad your enjoying the articles. While ethereum is somewhat made for developers, it is already being used to create a bunch of very user-friendly dapps (decentralized apps).

    • Martins

      I believe that Ethereum would be a lot easier for you as a beginner to acquire, unlike bitcoin which happens to be very expensive for any new individual interested in cryptocurrency to be able to acquire. Check out the possibility of acquiring the two and you would discover that Ethereum would be more easy to get.

      • avsf

        Right, you’re still going around the price @Martins. Don’t forget to see the market capitalization to see the true value of a coin. Let’s say the total distribution of bitcoin is 10, and each bitcoin costs $1.

        Now, if each ethereum cost $0.50 it’s certainly cheaper, but if total coin distribution is 100, that makes ether worth even less.

        • amir zamalik

          Decentralized Apps has been a very innovative and efficient discovery on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain.

          DApps or decentralized application is one of the most intriguing terms used in the blockchain space currently. The term DApp is coined by combining two words decentalized and application. In simple terms, DApps can be considered as applications, tools or programs that work on decentralized Blockchains.

          I want to share a platform where you can launch your own Dapp/Project too.

          Dapp.com can help you launch your project! They are the largest community of blockchain enthusiasts and are continually looking for interesting dapp products.
          Apply now to launch exclusively and get full access to their resources to boost your user base.

          Website: Dapp.com
          You can visit their telegram channel too: t.me/dapp_com

          Thank you!

          • amir zamalik

            In addition to my previous comment. You can directly click here https://Dapp.com to visit the website.

  61. Treathyl Fox

    I recently signed up at a site that has at least 30 cryptocurrencies to choose from. As I was filling out my profile and in getting set up there was a question that was asked and I didn’t really know how to answer it. The question was “What is your favorite cryptocurrency coin?” I picked Litecoin. Read some stuff on the Internet that said it was good. Figured I needed to start somewhere. (O.o) I’m curious. Do you think that I accidentally made a good choice?

  62. Martins

    If I was able to get such information on bitcoin back in 2011 someone’s introduced me to the cryptocurrency, I would would have actually had the confidence and courage to invest in the coin, this is why I believe in that quote – knowledge is power and if you are not informed, you are deformed.

    • avsf

      Yeah, it’s pretty much a matter of trust because for the newbie is sending our hard earned money into something abstract. Cashing out the profits is not so abstract though.

  63. jaymish

    Interesting concept for a coin. In this digital age where all our identities are vulnerable to attack this is an amazing idea. I’m sure it has potential especially to curb instances on bank fraud and cyber crime.Recently in my Country the card details of retailers who used their cards to fuel were stolen. CVC in my opinion would help because people would be protected from the begging when transacting. I think if sold in this manner it will not be a problem to forge partnerships and move forward.

    • Martins

      There are all sorts of cyber crimes going on every day all around the world and it’s all because there is less tight security to counter this issue. I have heard one man’s confession of getting duped more than $10,000 when his account was hacked. If only Civic was used to protect the man’s account, this wouldn’t have been possible.

  64. jaymish

    I absolutely positively love this idea. This shows that the future of innovation is truly in technology. I like the fact that it is completely decentralized. In my opinion anything that involves centralization has at its core bureaucracy which is bound to lead to inefficiencies as is seen in most governments in countries around the world.Is this the begging of the end of government? I wish someone could come up with a way to decentralize paying tax. So that it is more beneficial to all of us.I’m liking DNT.

    • avsf

      Yeah, I love the concept too, but most or all blockchain projects are decentralized, that’s the beauty of crypto! DNT figures an ideal society, and it’s great in that sense.

  65. jaymish

    I agree we give our data out to the government, utility companies e.t.c yet our data is not secure because they don’t invest enough money in its security.Enigma seems to provide a promising solution especially because the world is interconnected and this will mean certain platforms hold more private data e.g Amazon, PayPal,Cryptos etc, that have customers from across the globe. Look at the recent hack into Twitter. There is a a need to come up with a solution to protect people’s data. I hope this is part of it

    • Martins

      @jaymish Twitter wad hacked? I never knew about that and I haven’t even checked if my account suffered any effects as result of that. I wonder what the hackers were looking to do with people’s data that they targeted on Twitter?

  66. Martins

    It’s a general knowledge that we are more in a digital world today where almost everything is carried out online. Now scammers and fraudsters have taken it upon themselves to prey on people’s data and use it to commit one cyber crime or another. But with the services of Civic, getting registered and approved in the system would give a maximum security from identity theft.

  67. jaymish

    Great concept in my opinion. Most public registries have large amounts of data stored on them, I highly doubt they can manage this, we all know how governments operate(hint not very effectively).This is a good solution for data storage and I think should do quite well. They shouldn’t be a problem finding partnerships especially because they have specialized basically on this. They should try looking for partnerships in third world countries, that really need this solution.

    • avsf

      I like the concept from Factom too, but like other cryptos with really practical ideas, I think this verification will just be an aspect from other more complex cryptos. Time will tell.

  68. jaymish

    I understand why the changed it from raiblocks,This not a good name for a coin. Nano sounds better to me and I’m sure it will sound just as good to the public. If it has cheaper hardware doesn’t this mean that it is vulnerable to attacks. As you said the attacks set it back, may this be the reason. No one wants to have a cryptocurrency where you can wake up one morning hacked. I’m afraid this gets a thumbs down from me.

    • avsf

      Nano hack messed it all up, I don’t know if they will ever recover from the blow, as they have lost the confidence the community and the authorities had in them.

  69. jaymish

    I now really really can’t tell the diffrence between these coins. There is such a thin line between them. However here I can see the diffrence between POE and other similar coins that perform the same function.I like the fact that it has concentrated on the registration of artistic digital assets. Art is an area that is often ignored, because its not as profitable as, say finance. However I’m not sure about this model.Is it viable? How do they make money ? Will they make enough money to sustain it?

  70. Martins

    DigixDAO? I haven’t heard about it, this is my first time and I’m impressed with what I have read so far about it. Gold truly have been in existence for a long time now and it still holds great value that doesn’t depreciate. If one is looking at making stable and secure investment, I would strongly recommend doing it with gold.

    • avsf

      DigixDao has the plan to digitize other physical assets, I think silver is next.

  71. Martins

    Since the status of District0x is still pending, let’s wait to see how fast it is going to be in getting approved and fully operational. If things goes well, from what I seen that District0x would offer, it’s definitely going to be worth it to invest in.

    • avsf

      Actually, we just updated the status, so thanks for the comment! Most projects are ongoing, except for those which for some reason are shut down. Sadly, there are a lot of scammers trying to take advantage of the crypto wave, and that give it a bad name.

  72. Martins

    Since the success of failure of District0x will be determined by how easy or difficult the creation of these districts is, and also the time involved in this process, I believe it would be in the best of the company to set the process moving pretty fast because before you know it, people would start jumping ship to other projects that offer similar packages.

    • avsf

      I’d say you’re right, simple procedures will make DNT easier to adopt, but a tremendous successful district would certainly take DNT to another level.

  73. Martins

    One of major problems that faces digital currency and blockchain is the issue of security and hacks. There are lots of cyber wizard out there looking for the slight opportunity to bypass the security of most blockchain and render the user useless by stealing from them. This where I believe the importance of Enigma which is an ERC-20 token that was created with the purpose of giving privacy and scalability to blockchain.

  74. Martins

    Factom being the oldest cryptocurrency in existence till today shows how stable and trusted it is when it comes to ensuring how authentic data stored and handled. I definitely love the concept behind Factom and would probably suggest it to my company executive to check out the possibility of trying it out.

    • avsf

      @Martins, Factom is not the oldest crypto, the first one was Bitcoin.

      It’s great to see some companies adopting Factom or any other crypto, it’s already happening.

  75. avsf

    BAT has a great concept, pretty much like you say @Martins, getting rid of ads is a plus, but the fact that they have the Brave browser that protects our privacy and allow us to earn some money by viewing ads, just makes the project even more appealing. Sure, people are used to FF and Chrome, but when BAT gets there, it can really grow big.

  76. avsf

    Civic and other similar cryptos are certainly a big help to fight fraud, I just don’t know about mass adoption. I see Civic has 2 major barriers to entrance: one, people need to download the Civic app and upload there all their personal info, and this might be hard because people are lazy (true) and might not trust Civic just yet to upload all their personal documents.

    Second, Civic needs trusted partners to grow. If my bank or hospital says, from now on you’ll be identified by Civic, I say, ok, I’ll do it. So, partnerships will be the game changer for Civic.

  77. Martins

    IOTA is backed by the use of cryptocurrency and blockchain, so it’s really a good thing because it helps with integration and exchanging of data after it’s processed and validated to be authentic. IOTA is still a new technology as it came into existence in 2015, let’s see how long it stays in business.

    • avsf

      IOTA is a cryptocurrency and a blockchain, and yeah, let’s see if they can achieve what they propose themselves to do.

  78. Coins

    History loves to repeat itself 🙂

    Next year there may very well be a bunch of people wishing they had bought bitcoin this year! We still don’t know, bitcoin valued at $8500 could still be a very cheap compared to the future.

    When Bitcoin went to 20k, people would have loved to have gotten in at $8,500. Now may be that chance.

  79. Abha Fara

    If you buy Civic for 100 dollars today, you will get a total of 503.043 CVC. Based on our prediction, a long-term increase is expected, the price prognosis for 2023-03-17 is 2.045 US Dollars.

  80. Martins

    I’m not surprised seeing lots of coins everyday and seeing that Komodo is still very new in business of having being introduced to the fold just in 2016 shows how new the project is. The only problem I see for Komodo is that as it’s written in the article that most people aren’t aware of the existence of the coin and there is no way people are going to make use of what they don’t know. Komodo needs an aggressive marketing strategy to get its existence out there for the public to patronize it.

    • avsf

      That is why a good name and good marketing is, many times, more important as the product itself. One needs to know something exists in order to buy it or use it. Just recently Antshares become Neo and Raiblocks become Nano just to sound better.

  81. Martins

    Litecoin is offers just about everything ones gets from Bitcoin but as it stands, Litecoin is looking to offer more than Bitcoin can offer which distinctively shows in the speed it would take to mine Bitcoin and Litecoin, the latter seems to be faster which makes its availability more than that of Bitcoin. Bitcoin might be the most expensive cryptocurrency but Litecoin would most certainly catch up with it sooner than later.

    • avsf

      I don’t agree that Litecoin has more to offer than Bitcoin. Bitcoin has been here for longer, and a whole ecosystem has been developed, and keeps on being developed, around it.

      • Martins

        At the moment, Litecoin is still way behind Bitcoin and there is no dispute on that but I do believe that with the progress Litecoin is having, it’s making a positive step in catching up with Bitcoin.

        • avsf

          I am not seeing Litecoin catching up on Bitcoin any time soon, even if they are direct competition. Only time can tell which of the two will grow more, but I believe BTC has a way better chance of becoming the world currency, like English is the world language.

  82. avsf

    Blockchain is safer that any sort of technology that exists today, and that is why it’s creating such a hype. A lot of technologies are being developed to solve current problems, and enigma goes for that, not only in privacy, but also in terms of scalability, again, by not generating traffic on the main chain.

  83. avsf

    I believe any fork makes a coin weaker, and that had a big weight on ETH back then. These days I see ETC as something of the past, as they are stuck with (outdated?) code that doesn’t scale, but this is just my opinion.

  84. Vinaya

    Never heard of Storj, However, now I know Storj is the most secure, private, and encrypted cloud storage based on blockchain technology and managed by peer-to-peer. There are a lot of cloud strorage program, however, what is unique about Storj is you cna make money by renting extra space on your Storj. This seems to old, however, I came to know about this through this website.

    • avsf

      I don’t know if it’s the safest, don’t forget their strong competition (namely Sia, Filecoin and Maidsafe), but Storj certainly seems to stand out from this competition.

  85. Vinaya

    prior to bumping on this thread, I had never heard of Monero. In order to find out more about this crypto currency, I did a qick google search and discovered that is was established in 2014. I heard about bitcoins in 2014. It took me 5 years to hear about botcoin, therefore, it is not surprising that I did not know about Monero. I also checked the value. It stands at $203. I think it must be a currency worth investing.

  86. Vinaya

    0x is new for me because I am not engaged with crypto currency exchanging (the only crypto currency that I am currently dealing with is bitcoin and usually I convert my bitcoins to used by funding my e wallets through botcoins and withdrawing cash through bank). I also do not take interest in token sales even though I have joined a handful of crypto currency. I will have to check more on token sales, ICO as well as 0x.

    • avsf

      0x is rather fascinating because it’s one of the protocols that will enable the end of the centralized exchanges. Most people still trade their tokens in centralized exchanges, but soon enough these will be eliminated and all the exchanges will be made peer to peer. 0x might have a big role in this process.

      What do you mean by token sales @Vinaya?

  87. avsf

    PIVX, Bitcoin, Dash and many, many other cryptos are currencies. Most cryptos have the purpose of being solely a currency.

    Bitcoin is a public ledger. This just means that anyone can know how many bitcoins a certain address has. For example, I make you a BTC payment, you give me your address, I can a few months later check how many BTC that address has, and as I know it’s yours, I will know how many BTC that wallet has.

    PIVX and other privacy currencies hide this information, and that is why they are called privacy coins.

  88. avsf

    It is a fact that there are many coins with a lot of competition, but I don’t think POE is one of them, at least that I am aware of, it presents the unique use case of recording ownership information and metadata from digital assets, making licensing easier, as well as verification. Pretty unique I believe!

    I think this will be adopted by quite a few companies working in the area. Take for example Canva, they deal with copyright issues all the time trying to realize who owns what digital asset, and with POE those debates come to an end, it’s all on the blockchain. Who says Canva says a lot of other companies and artists working in the area.

  89. avsf

    Yep, Bitcoin’s code was the seed that made all the other cryptos appear. Trading is a risky business, and many times we are just better off holding and seeing the value of our coins rise.

    SALT does seems an interesting project, at least in concept, as giving crypto as collateral is certainly something that might appeal to many that have bad credit.

  90. avsf

    Yep, that is correct, it’s similar to Golem and iEXEC. SOMN is not an ICO, it’s an ongoing project. The ICO (Initial Coin Offering) happened last year, so their project is under development. I don’t think safety is a concern here, but we have seen some hacks happening, that is true.

  91. avsf

    Botcoin is a typo right @Vinaya?

    Don’t judge an asset by its price, nothing like seeing the market cap to get an idea of how much a coin might worth.

  92. Mark

    Dash is a cryptocurrency that is definitely good for consumers and is used when they go shopping, and was really made to replace Paypal. Many merchants accept Dash just like USD, but the transaction is a lot faster-not waiting a day or two for payment charged to your account. Also fees are much lower than Palpal- and no chargebacks using this cryptocurrency as well!

  93. Malvina

    Very useful one!…. The contributor of Forbes- Peter Tchir specified in his article “According to the FT and Bloomberg, the Justice Department has declared a criminal probe into whether traders/investors are manipulating the price of Bitcoin and other digital currencies.”

    This is what current situation is undergoing.

    Whether the activities satisfy the legal definition of manipulation or can drive to a criminal indictment remains to be seen. So let’s see what happens next.

  94. Jetselle Santos

    ZCash clouds exchanges utilizing a type of cryptography which requires a confided in starting setup. On the off chance that the keys to the underlying setup have been held, at that point the individuals who hold them could make ZCash later on and nobody would have the capacity to tell that they had done this.

… Is Trading At

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