History of Bitcoin

In the timeline below you will be presented with the History of Bitcoin. This timeline shows the most important events in Bitcoins history from the creation of the cryptocurrency to its latest achievement. Starting in 2007 with the legend of Satoshi Nakamoto. It has been speculated that Satoshi may have been a collective pseudonym for multiaple people working on the concept of what is now known as, Bitcoin.


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  1. Martins

    I’m not seeing much on the timeline about the history of bitcoin, maybe it’s a glitch on the article, please I would like to have more information on the history of bitcoin, how it started, who first used it for transaction, it’s mining history etc. Please feel free to to update the article with a more comprehensive content.


    • EfficientNinja

      Same with me. I see a huge white space and I thought the text might also be the same color with the content but it is not.

      I saw a link to the website of historyofbitcoin.org though. They provided a timeline starting from the origin of Bitcoin up to the present.

  2. Treathyl Fox

    I had no problem viewing the timeline and I learned a lot of important facts about the history of Bitcoin. As I was reading I couldn’t help but think that members of the Medici family would probably be very impressed with Satoshi Nakamoto.

  3. Coins

    Updates the page, it was in an iframe and that was working fine until we moved the site over to https and the embedded iframe is http, so it would no longer display. Now if you simply click the link, you will see the timeline. Its actually pretty cool.

    • Martins

      Alright @Coins thanks for the tip on how to see the full article with the link. I’m definitely going to check it now and see the extent of information I would be able to get from the content.

      Good job.

  4. mitan143

    This is why forum like this is very helpful and informative. I’ve seen the timeline and wow, so the first person who invented the idea of bitcoin is a Japanese and you know I like Japanese people (their culture and their country, almost everything). So I’m proud that he had this idea first. Anyway, I’ve learned a lot and no wonder why Japan is considered as “Tech Leader”.


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