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Crypto by Type

NameTypeType2CategoryDiscription BitcoinCoinPoWCurrencyDecentralized digital currency and world wide payment system EthereumCoinPoWPlatformDigital money and programmable smart contracts RippleCoinPoWCurrencyCrypto for banks,...

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Proof of Steak vs Proof of Work

Proof of steak coins Vs Proof of work coins Another Work in Progress article. StakingPoWPoSDPoSMintingMining What is Staking What is PoW What is PoS What is DPoS What is Minting? What is Mining? var json = new XMLHttpRequest();...

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Real Coins

There are now thousands of different crypto coins to chose from, and many people believe that 90% of cryptocurrencies are likely to fail over the next few years. Lets face it, nearly every white paper is amazing, with some truly...

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Decentralized Exchanges

The year is 2018, decentralized cryptocurrencies are slowly becoming commonplace, now competing with an outdated centralized system. However, this old system won’t go without a fight, as a lot of power and wealth has been...

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Shopping With Bitcoin

If you think that digital currency acceptance is still far into the future, then think again! The popularity of being able to use a virtual currency that is fast, secure and private is always growing and is growing quickly. From...

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